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The fundraising challenges of non-profit organizations can be as unique as their missions. And that is a challenge we champion.

Lautman Maska Neill & Company is an award-winning direct response consulting firm specializing in fully-integrated direct response fundraising exclusively for nonprofits. We combine proven strategies with customized solutions that take campaigns from conception to execution to analysis — developing donor connections that result in lifelong support of your cause.  We know that each organization is different, that's why we customize mail, phone, email, and online strategy to meet the goals of each organization.

Learn more or view some of our award-winning packages here, including our recent DMAW MAXI awards that we are honored to share with our clients!


This "one-a-day" week-long webinar series began Monday, June 7 at 1:00 PM EDT. Each day featured an hour-long deep-dive session about digital fundraising.

If you missed Lesley Hostetter on Wednesday at 1:00 for "Getting Creative with Premiums for a Strong Multi-channel Donor Experience" check out the presentation.

Insightful Solutions

to Fundraising Challenges

Check out our analytic and reporting tool, Insight, which will help improve your fundraising results.