Are You Ready for Giving Tuesday?

November 11, 2020 - by Megan Buchheit

Giving Tuesday is  quickly approaching! Here are our tips to make sure your organization is ready:

Take part. This special day of giving (on December 1 this year) is a crucial part of any healthy digital fundraising program. It is the biggest fundraising day of the year, and it just keeps growing. Giving Tuesday USA reported $511 million raised online in the United States in 2019 — that’s about $111 million more than 2018, an increase of almost 28 percent. Don't miss out!

Brainstorm about your messaging. Think about how you want donors to feel and which emotions you want to invoke. During this unprecedented year, consider which stories and information you can share that will help supporters connect with your organization’s mission and show impact.

Plan your schedule. Strategize about the emails you want to send before, during, and after Giving Tuesday. Consider sending an email the week before Giving Tuesday to remind donors that it’s coming up or send an early Giving Tuesday email the night before on November 30. Because inboxes will be crowded on Giving Tuesday, make sure you send multiple emails throughout the day to catch the attention of supporters. Then after Giving Tuesday, make sure you send a thank you email reporting on the campaign results.

Make it multi-channel. Consider the ways you can incorporate different channels into your Giving Tuesday strategy. While email and social media are a natural fit, don’t forget about direct mail! Sending a Giving Tuesday postcard is a great way to have another touchpoint with your supporters during this busy time of year. Also, if you have a mobile program, Giving Tuesday is a perfect day to send a text encouraging supporters to make a gift.

Be sure to say thank you! After Giving Tuesday is over, your work isn’t done! Be sure to thank your donors and welcome new supporters into your community. To ensure you retain new donors, create a plan ahead of time to introduce them to your organization’s mission and engage them in your work.

We wish you a successful Giving Tuesday!

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