Our Team

We have assembled a uniquely talented team of professionals who are deeply committed to making a difference in the world through the work we do.

Each brings uncommon expertise to enhance direct marketing strategies and offers a unique perspective on solving our clients’ fundraising challenges.


Lisa Maska
CFRE, Partner/Owner

Tiffany Neill
CFRE, Partner/Owner


Executive Leadership

Amy Sukol
CFRE, Principal


Leadership Team

Erin Cooper
Vice President, Finance & Change Management

Jacqui Davis
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Co-op

Mike DeFlavia
Vice President

Bryan Evangelista
Sr. Vice President

Lesley Hostetter
Sr. Vice President

Robin Perry
Vice President Design & Strategic Innovation

Vicki Viera
Vice President


Professional Staff

Shonda Anderson
Analytics Data Specialist, Co-op

Viviana Barahona
Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Neil Barbulescu
Senior Digital Advertising Manager

Alli Bertz
Digital Account Executive

Tania Blagrove
Senior Administrator, Co-op & Contracts

Alexander Bryant

Megan Buchheit
Digital Account Manager

Michael Burke
Production Coordinator

Christa Chappel
Account Manager, Co-op

Jennifer Christian
Production Manager

Rayna Puglisi Clarke
Account Manager

Francie Cleary
Senior Analytics Manager

Michaela Crossen
Senior Account Executive

Pat Dobson
Production Director

PK Drago
CFRE, Account Manager

Max Duchaine
Senior Digital Advertising Specialist

Bridget Duggan
Account Coordinator

Ilana Falick
Senior Account Executive

Kayla Frison
Digital Account Executive

Lynsey Gallagher
Account Director & Director of Coop Client Services

Tracey Goetchius
Senior Account Executive

Michael Hall
Graphic Production Artist

Janise Harris
Senior Graphic Designer

Alex Harwell
Analytics Director

Letonya Holloway
Senior Manager Finance & Accounting

Maggie Hughes
Account Executive

Eileen Judd
Production Coordinator

Araby Kaba
Account Executive

Marie Kosanovich
Vice President, Accounts

Rachel Kottler
Digital Account Director

Dana Kunkel
Design Director

Melissa Lancaster
Senior Account Executive

Michelle Le
Account Director

Catie Lewis
Account Executive

Lisa Lumley
Senior Production Manager

Carolyn Mann
Production Manager

Michelle Matthews
Finance Operations Specialist

James McClung
Production Coordinator

Matthew Molli
Digital Production Specialist

April Moore
Production Director

Warsan Omar
Executive Office Administrator

Alan Page
Digital Production Coordinator

Jean Qiao
Senior Digital Account Executive

Kevin Riordan
Senior Analyst & Segmentation Specialist

Margaret Romig
Account Director

Amanda Sargent
Production Manager

Cynthia Stock
Graphic Designer

Jordanna Sussman
Account Director

Katie Tamaro
Digital Account Executive

Sarah Tatnall
Senior Account Executive

Angela Thompson
Project Manager, Co-op

Jamie Tissel
Senior Production Manager

Lindsey Twombly
Digital Production Director

Julia Warnock
Account Executive




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lautman gives back

Several Lautman staff — including Lesley, Lynsey,and Jordanna working here as greeters — volunteered at the 2016 Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference here in Washington, DC.


Vicki Viera went to Kentucky to volunteer building fences and porches in Appalachia. She worked as a chaperone for a summer camp where high school students gave back to the community by helping impoverished families.